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Marxism çürüteli 114 sene olmuş

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Eugen Böhm-Bawerk 114 sene yayınladığı kitapla Marx'ın sisteminin çelişkilerini ve yanlışlarını ortaya koymuştur. Böhm-Bawerk, Avusturya Ekonomi Ekolü'nde bir ekonomist olup, Carl Menger'in öğrencisi, Ludwig von Mises'in de hocasıdır.

Karl Marx and the Close of His System (1896) examined Marx's theory of labour value, believing the supposed error in Marx's system to have resulted from a self-contradiction of Marx's law of value, namely how the rate of profit and the prices of production of the third volume of Marx's Capital contradict Marx's theory of value in the first volume. He also attacks Marx for downplaying the influence of supply and demand in determining permanent price, and for deliberate ambiguity with such concepts. --Wiki

Kitabı İngilizce pdf olarak download edin: http://hussonet.free.fr/bohm.pdf

Kitabın Türkçesini Liberte Yayınlarından satın alın: http://www.liberte.com.tr/kitap.asp?asx=dt&km=733

The great economist takes on Karl Marx, and his fundamental failure to understand the workings of the capital market and its relationship to value. The criticism was devastating, so much so that a leading Marxist responded, and thus herein is Rudolf Hilferding's response. It is very weak, as you will undoubtedly notice. The book is introduced by the socialist Paul Sweezy, and he too tries to rescue the Marxists from the corner into which Böhm-Bawerk drives them. So this book makes for great drama, and it is a pleasure to see the Austrian come out on top despite every effort by the compiler of the book to prevent it! --Mises.org

Kitabın Mises.org'taki satınalma sayfası: http://www.mises.org/store/Product.aspx?ProductId=339

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